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Director Kitty

'Where the Wild Things Are'

Aja Patrice (Director Kitty) is a Director/Photographer/Writer/Graphic Designer & Singer currently based in Los Angeles, California working in

independent commercial advertising, web docs, music videos, short films & features, and broadcast media. She is currently available for freelance work with production studios, agencies, and direct to client projects. Tocontact or for media inquiries please email Lulu B. atmanagement@narcissisticsquare.com. Peace☮ Love♡ & Cupcakes! xox

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Recent comments

  • September 15, 2012 1:50 pm

    "Gobo Fraggle" By Alex Lodermeier (L)

    A minimalistic poster design of Gobo Fraggle. My favorite character of the series. This art reminds me of Albert Einstein with his crazy hair and tongue out.

    "Fraggle Rock poster" By Lalo Garcia (R)

    2 of the entries, I dugged the most for the Talent House Design Artwork for Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary Competition

    They’ve picked the winner and you can check it out via the link above but these were my a couple of my favorite, there was such talent! Fraggle Rock brings such nostalgia, and 30 years later!!! Whew tearing up as I type…Jim Henson was and always will be a GENIUS.

  • April 20, 2012 12:04 am

    From the recent blog via my artist collective for Fearless Rock Projects! Inc. check out the freshness that is nostalgic 80’s animation…

    So we here @ FRP! totally love all things that are dope, whether it’s new or vintage fly especially if it taps into our brains and brings back the smell of sweet nostalgia.

    Check it, while we were coasting through photo inspirations for our new casting call we found some really cool & artistic updates of our beloved 80′s cartoon characters!! Yes it’s nothing like the 80′s baby and if you were born during this era you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about! So see the below rebooted characters of our childhood as funky eclectic hipsters!!

    Cheers to Ciraolo’s Oldschool Heroes series

    He-Man has been around since 1980, and it’s high time he got a wardrobe update. Illustrator Fabian Ciraolo is happy to oblige, designing new looks for the prince of Eternia and other cartoon favorites: the Thundercats, Jem, Captain Planet, and She-Ra all earn themselves a fashion makeover.
    Ciraolo’s Oldschool Heroes series does look like it came from the Instagrammed pages of an Urban Outfitters catalogue, but he’s come up with some fun color schemes for his cartoon fashion play. I can’t help but wonder, were spots for Cheetara just too much on the nose?

    (Source: http://io9.com)

  • January 13, 2012 12:18 am
    20 plays

    Tonight has got me feeling mad nostalgic, I came across this song and instantly went back to childhood spending my summers at an overnight Jewish camp in the Poconos of Pennsylvania; it was totally friggin awesome! Usually I was the only girl the color of nutmeg in my bunk but can I say those summers were dope?! I wouldn’t change my childhood for the world, I am who I am because of those summers and the fact that I can hear Nirvana and it takes me back… it makes me feel damn good. I love the fact that I am so fuqqin culturally exposed and well rounded! My future munchkins will be too ;)

    I’m smelling that teen spirit tonight Kurt…