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Aja Patrice (Director Kitty) is a Director/Photographer/Writer/Graphic Designer & Singer currently based in Los Angeles, California working in

independent commercial advertising, web docs, music videos, short films & features, and broadcast media. She is currently available for freelance work with production studios, agencies, and direct to client projects. Tocontact or for media inquiries please email Lulu B. atmanagement@narcissisticsquare.com. Peace☮ Love♡ & Cupcakes! xox

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Recent comments

  • April 26, 2012 11:49 pm

    Working for the weekend…


    This is has been a whirlwind of a week from good news to bad news to good news again, but hey that’s life right? Well its been a minute since I’ve posted a true blog post originally from my brain…and I am sorry to say that my last post exclaiming I would be blogging more and be original once more with my content has fallen to the waist-side. I can’t blame anyone but myself for that…well okay on secondhand I can blame my bloody 9-5! That thing has me pooped hitting the sack hard like a kid after a day at an amusement park. You ever have a job where you literally work for you money?! LOL 

    This is that kind of job meaning, ever hour on the hour I am working, doing something (you know how at a normal job you have a little time to check a tweet or reply to a text or email? Yeah this ain’t that!) it’s bloody redundant, a chimp could do it work but I am not complaining it is a j-o-b with pretty damn good benefits. Its a means to an end, BUT not my end ya dig?

    Anyway, this is not why I am writing this blog tonight, I am writing to talk about my weekend date @ SmashBox Studios for the SHOOT LA Event, if you follow my blog you should know by now that I am a Director/Photographer/Writer…Actress, Singer and sometimes Graphic Designer. So going to events like this are a must, I have been focusing on directing since college (mid 2000’s) lol and I’ve been shooting photography professionally for a while now; becoming and growing more professional each project…so this event can only assist me in my journey to continue to cultivate my "raw talent" (as some have expressed to me).

    The event is on this Saturday from 10AM-8PM all day long! It’s FREE, its Smashbox Studios, its L.A! Needless to say, I’m stoked!

    Workshops on Workshops on Workshops, bwahahahaaa, I will be a kid in a candy store, trust!  I’m excited for sure, I have a couple of photo-shoots coming up, I’m in pre-production for  2 short film projects and a music video so this event couldn’t have come at a better time.

    If you follow your dreams, do the work, continue to practice and cultivate your craft you will BE SUCCESSFUL and BE EXCELLENT. I wholeheartedly believe that if you believe it, pray about it, speak into existence it will happen! I just wanted to let you all know, that I believe in you, and wish you all the best in your endeavors what ever they are, it can be done. Until tomorrow… F R I D A Y! I must hit the sack for I am way past my bed time to get up early without bags for the j-o-b, hehe! xox

    ciao ciao cupcakes,

    Director Kitty

  • April 20, 2012 12:33 am


    I can only dream…haha but this is close enough! As I’ve been waiting patiently for this mans next album since the 2009 release of Black Summers Night I am fining like an addict for some more ear porn from this man!! LOL I love his sultry sexy voice, the insanely almost forbidden but truthful lyrics and he is oh so easy on the eyes. Yes! I will be getting tickets for his L.A. Staples Center debut just in time for my "Dirty 30" B-Day in late July!! #POW Maxwell & Vegas now that’s birthday I will not want to forget!! Oh and trust I have a watchful eye on when the are up because my seats have to be close enough to smell the sweat dripping off his bawdie! LMAO! I digress, I am going on and on, I am just so excited I would take 6, 12 or 1 night with Maxwell and his voice. Can’t wait!!! xox (below is the article info via Rolling Stone Magazine Online)

    R&B singer Maxwell has announced a six-date summer tour that will span his entire discography, Pitchfork reports.  The short tour will hit three cities for two nights each, stopping in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Newark. Each city will see Maxwell perform his first two albums, 1996’s Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite and 1998’s Embrya, in full, with the second night featuring 2001’s Now and 2009’s BLACKsummers’night.

    The tour kicks off on July 20th at LA’s Staples Center and wraps up on August 4th in Newark’s Prudential Center.

    Maxwell Tour Dates:
    July 20th – Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center
    July 21st – Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center
    July 27th – Atlanta, GA – Phillips Arena
    July 28th – Atlanta, GA – Phillips Arena
    August 3rd – Newark, NJ  – Prudential Center
    August 4th – Newark, NJ – Prudential Center

  • November 3, 2011 8:38 pm

    Childish Gambino

    Soooo…. I’ve been on my busy bee ish so I haven’t had a chance to post the new video from my secret not so secret LOL dope nerd boy crush Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino (his rap/singer name). His new rap album Camp is debuting Nov. 15th and this is the first music video for his first single off the album entitled “Bonfire” its interesting in regards to its “spooky but get you thinking nature”…

    There have been a lot of critics regarding the video because of his usage and portrayal of modern lynching being used in a manner that could be “trivial”  due to the many horrible senseless deaths of African Americans who endured this racist and barbaric murdering by lynching not so very long ago…BUT I hope and truly believe he was on a totally different level of thought when he decided to have the noose around his neck. I am in no way making the act of lynching trivial I just believe that this artist  did not mean to offend.

    And to be honest because I am cut from his type of cloth I get it, I feel and I dig it. Sooo with out further adu check it out! :)

  • September 16, 2011 1:03 am

    2012 CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase Casting Call in L.A.

    *** Note About Submitting For Television Auditions ***

    The casting directors addresses are kept as up to date as possible. Please follow strict submission guidelines and etiquette when sending your photos, resumes, cover letters, and demo-reels to television show casting directors.

    CBS will sponsor its seventh annual talent showcase for diverse sketch comedians in January 2012 in Los Angeles. The CBS Network is known as “The Tiffany Network” and their showcases are known as the “Rolls Royce” of showcases, featuring the dynamic duo of Rick Najera and Fern Orenstein, CBS VP Casting, who change the professional lives and provide them access to open doors within the entertainment industry.

    As part of CBS’ ongoing effort to expand job opportunities for all performers of color, people with disabilities, seniors women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender performers, they team up with network television casting offices to produce showcases featuring promising actors. Executive producer and writer Rick Najera (“Mad TV,” “In Living Color,” among other shows) will again direct this January 2012 showcase.

    CBS Entertainment executives, casting directors from the Network’s primetime and daytime programs, as well as casting directors from shows on other networks will be on hand at the Showcase. An invitation has also been extended to casting directors from production companies that work with CBS. “For all of us at CBS, it’s about getting these talented actors work and we’re thrilled to be able to provide them access to the top casting directors, agents and executive producers in the business,” said Peter Golden, CBS Executive Vice President, Talent and Casting.

    Where: Los Angeles


    • Participants must be at least 18 years old. Previous experience/training is recommended of all, but professional representation is not necessary.


    • CBS will contact performers to schedule an audition.
    • Each audition will require a one-minute original sketch comedy monologue.


    • Deadline is Friday, September 22, 2011.
    • Can be hand-delivered, if received before 5:30pm.

    Please read the following carefully before submitting:

    1. Submit one photo and resume only. No Tapes or Cover Letters.
    2. Do not double submit through any other organization.
    3. No E-mails, only hard copy submissions.
    4. Please note the deadline. No submissions will be accepted past cut-off date.

    Submit your photo and resume to:

    Fern Orenstein, VP of Talent & Casting
    Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase
    7800 Beverly Blvd.
    Suite 284
    Los Angeles CA 90036

    All are welcome to submit but, again as per CBS, the showcase is primarily focused on African-American, Asian-American, Middle Eastern, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander, LGBT actors and performers with disabilities.

    {2012 CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase is accepting submissions.
    AB Media Publishing, LLC}

  • July 14, 2011 6:31 pm

    Directing Series Part I (Updates what’s going on?)

    Cheers All,

    Happy Thursday to ya! I hope you lads & ladies are enjoying your afternoon/evening and just remember its almost Friday! Not that it really matters for me because the way I work everyday is just a day not a week or weekend (freelance) this is how it goes down!

    As you all know about my Directing Series Projects (now in pre-production) I’ve been mentioning are going into production very soon, I wanted to give you the “low down” about what’s going on…almost a bit of a refresher of where I am to date:


    Directing Series Part I: ‘The Perception of Love & Connecting”

    I believe in this day in age our ways to communicate personally are so jaded by technology that we can often miss the message completely. *Yes I am a culprit of texting, tweeting, facebooking, emailing and so on…but what really ever happened to good ol’ face 2 face talking, hell even picking up a “land-line” dialing a number and talking to your friend? That rarely happens these days unless your Grandma & Grandpa and even they have iPads & email addresses!

    Don’t get me wrong, technology is awesome, we literally have the ability to see people via a video chat in Africa from the U.S or  you can call someone via your mobile from the epicenter of the world while you are in Dubai (if you get the coverage) but you get my drift! lol

    Anyway, because of this communication dilemma we all experience I wanted my Directing Series Part I to be about 'The Perception of Love & Connecting', this series will be comprised of 3 film shorts that are different in concept but are all the same in its mission to show how communication is a pivotal part in life.

    Part I Project A: Breakfast @ Audrey’s 60-120sec short

    The theme is driven from the party scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it will be a updated version of the wild and crazy, wacky loud party where “no one” is really communicating. I put together some photos of the scene to get an idea for myself.  The quote I am working around is:

    "Technology is killing communication don’t let it die, talk don’t text"

    Project Updates::

    • Projected dates of Production for August 19th-20th, 2011 
    • Casting Notices will go out 2 weeks before Production Date

    Which is literally right around the corner! Not to mention my birthday is too (July 24)! (lol)

    • Shoot Location: The Valley at one location in North Hollywood/Studio City area (TBD).
    • This project will be shot on a Canon 7D using a 50mm Lens and perhaps a filter unless I decide to do most of the 60’s look via editing and color correction. I will cross to that bridge when I reach it.

    Anyway, I have 2 main characters I will be looking to cast (male & female); I know a ton of actors so I might not have to look very far (fingers crossed) most of the other cast needs to be extras that are ok with being wacky a little quirky and maybe a bit tipsy. I have no doubt I will find the cast and extras I am looking for, for this shoot. It will be fun, educational and did I mention fun? I will be posting about this again when I put the casting notice out…

    • This is for Non-Union Actors Non-Paid just for credit/meals & copy you know how it is….for now.

    Your Oscar is waiting for you… if you do the work! I know mines is!

  • June 27, 2011 12:43 pm